About Rare Paws Charity

Rare Paws Charity partners with veterinary practices to break through financial barriers, bringing affordable and quality care within everyone’s reach. They are making a significant difference, one paw at a time, because Rare Paws believes in advancing animal welfare together.

About The Project

This project was for a new WordPress website build with a Shopify Buy Button integration. Rare Paws Charity was a new non-profit looking for a clear, concise website that outlined who they are and how they help animals in need.

Swoon integrated a donation form and donation wall for visitors to easily donate to the charity directly on the website.

We configured a Partner Member Portal for the veterinary institutions to easily apply to become a partner and then later be able to log in and view their fund information.

Swoon also integrated Shopify Buy Buttons (connected to a dropshipping platform) onto the shop page so that visitors looking to support the charity can shop directly from the site.

If you currently have a WordPress website or would like a site that has more information/content on it but would still like to have a shop, Shopify Buy Buttons are a great option. The buy buttons allow you to keep your WordPress site (and all the customization abilities) while utilizing Shopify’s platform for a shop. Contact me to learn more about how we can integrate Shopify Buy Buttons into your WordPress (or any other platform) website.




WordPress with Shopify Buy Buttons integration