Linzy Brekke-Aloise Branding

Graphic Design

Idea & Concepts

At the beginning stages of the logo design and branding discussions, it was decided the wax seal icon would be a very important aspect of the design. We wanted the wax seal to feel authentic to the period of the American Revolution. I provided a number of seal, font, and color combinations:

Branding Services
Branding Services
Branding Services

Ultimately we decided on the seal and font below. The font within the seal needed to be aesthetically pleasing and readable and the seal and name fonts matched nicely.

Official Logo

Linzy Brekke-Aloise Logo Desktop
“History is no passive record of the past; it is a battle to secure a story. In expanding the stories we tell, we bring the dead and forgotten to life for a new generation.”
– Linzy Brekke-Aloise